Saturday, 21 July 2012

The Limits We Set!

Are there any limits to what you can wrap in cotton? I do not think so! We wrap our plum pudding in cotton before boiling it merrily for hours.  We wrap our newly cut Christmas ham in cotton to keep it fresh and to stop it spoiling. We wrap our babies in cotton and for me nothing is as synonymous with babies as white cotton nappies flapping on the line, drying in the sun. We wrap our bodies in cotton in the form of clothes and for me there is no other fabric I would rather wear when it is hot and sticky in summer. Then, there is the fabric that every single person on the planet has wrapped their butt in that is made from cotton - the ageless denim.

Nothing is more luxurious than lying in a bed wrapped in crisp cotton sheets full of sunshine, fresh from the clothes line.  We wrap our dinner table in cotton - from the practical seersucker to the beautiful damask tablecloths that dress our tables. How about the super absorbent cotton bath towels we wrap ourselves in when we step out of a steaming hot shower on a winter's night?

The textures and the weave of cotton is endless - from the beautiful voiles to the snuggly fleecies - the uses are endless.  That is why at WinC we are passionate about you wrapping your gifts in cotton.  It is a sustainable product that can be used over and over again paying the wrapping forward, creating truly beautiful and elegant gifts, the limits of which are set only by ourselves.

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