Sunday, 29 July 2012

Baggage We Carry!

Through life's journey we collect and carry our experiences like chattels. We carry our dreams and expectations in our heads, we carry our happiness in our hearts and our hurts we carry as an invisible cloak. All of these experiences mold us into what we are today and become the baggage we carry. We cannot literally or physically carry our life's experiences as we carry our chattels but, I sometimes think how wonderful it would be if we could literally bag them up as we do our possessions and store them or give them away. 

One of the oldest ways of carrying our possessions is a bag - be it paper, leather or cloth. What is more uplifting than carrying armfuls of bags after a successful day of retail therapy??? The most essential items of a new Mum is the nappy bag!  Can you imagine a golfer managing without his clubs being carried in a bag? And we all know the excitement a tiny organza bag from a jewellery store brings! The shapes and sizes of bags is as infinite as their contents.

At WinC we have added a beautiful range of cotton gift tote bags to our range. These gift tote bags are designed to present a beautiful gift by placing the handles inside and after placing the gift inside, the bag is tied shut with ribbon.  The bag can then be reused for shopping, as a nappy bag or simply for regifting to another as the wrap for a gift. Our bags carry the spirit of 'pay it forward', not only by carrying our baggage or chattels but carrying our best wishes in the form of a gift.

Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can read.

~ Mark Twain

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