Tuesday, 17 July 2012

What is WinC?

WinC Wrap in Cotton is the gift that keeps on giving!  By choosing a WinC Wrap in Cotton product you are not only saving thousands of trees but, stopping pollution from the disposal of used gift wrapping. There is also the added benefit of saving the world's ever decreasing oil supplies by not using plastic gift wrapping products.  In a world where the environment has never been more topical, make a difference by using our sustainable gift wrap. Get your carbon credits by saving our trees and not using products derived from fossil fuels.

The benefit of using WinC products is not restricted to helping the environment - you will also be giving a beautifully presented gift.  Whether you want a gift that is elegant, a gift that is fun, a gift that is practical or a gift that is just you, by choosing a WinC product you are sure to give the perfectly presented gift.  Take a peek at our website - you will be pleasantly surprised.

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