Friday, 20 July 2012

Reuse for New!

Another product at WinC Wrap in Cotton is the Muslin Wrap.  If you know anyone about to have a bub then the perfect way to wrap their gift is with one of WinC's MuslinWraps.  That way the gift wrap becomes a gift itself.  The small wraps can be reused as a wipe for sticky fingers, faces or bottoms while the large generous muslin wrap can be used to swaddle the bub itself.  The muslins are 100% cotton and of generous size. The patterned muslins are all rolled hemmed, while the plain muslins are double thickness with a bias edging for durability. With the muslin wraps we also have matching headband available for the little girl bubs.

So instead of wrapping your gift for the new Mum and bub in paper, use one of our beautiful muslin wraps.  The new Mum will not only thank you but the environment will as well.  This perfect little human being that is swaddled in 100% cotton, that is a WinC gift wrap that has been reused, will have a better world to grow up in through the use of sustainable gift wrap.

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