Thursday, 19 July 2012

More about WinC

The philosophy of WinC Wrap in Cotton is not only conservation of  natural resources from the use of renewable sources but through the ability to regift, reuse or recycle. A WinC product is truly the gift that keeps on giving as each of our gift wrap products can be reused by wrapping another gift, by reusing as something as simple as a placemat, or simply recycling.  We at WinC embrace the spirit of 'pay it forward' in our company and products. We want you to use our products, not only to pay it forward to your friends, families and aquaintances, but to the environment through the preservation of our forests and fossil fuels.

Contrary to popular belief, conservation does not necessarily equate with daggy. The WinC product can help you theme your celebration and give you an elegance that is virtually unobtainable through any other wrapping.  We are truly proud of our products and hope that you will embrace our philosophy and follow our journey as we share our stories.

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