Saturday, 30 August 2014

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As you will notice, apart from my sign off as "Winc Spurt', my writing is more airy fairy than the main contributor for Wincwrapincotton. Our dynamics are directed to lifestyles. However, my dear friend is more of a science and logic type of gal.  Ask her to quantify the facts and figures of emissions etc - there she is! I am sure that she could calculate, and discern, the emissions from a gay boys bathroom faster than we can find the local gay haunt.  She is a woman of substance, a woman of character, a no holes barred kind of girl.  The kind of girl you feel safe with.  The kind of girl that you could stroll with your manbag down a dark alley full of poofter bashers lurking, and know that this woman would take them on and win.

You know that if this woman wouldn't kill these people as to why gays have rights with logic, as small as she is, off she would whip her 'Birkenstocks' and beat them into submission.  This woman is a power to be reckoned with.  A straight woman who believes that we all have a place in society, a place where we all can coexist.  This woman will stand and be counted when most will sit back and let it happen. Her husband and her children will attest to her unending passion for equality, and if they don't agree to her thinking, they soon will with her unending passion of getting her point across. 

Where am I going with this you may well ask?  Is my next step to beatify this woman? Maybe, but I certainly believe we should take lessons from her and, follow her lead.  How many of us depend on people, such as this woman, to fight the fight.  How many of us sit in the afterglow of a battle well fought, and say that was tough, without ever even having a hair out of place in the first instance.  How many of us talk, talk, talk of the difficulties of being gay, of being a feminist, of the unfairness of inequality, and never go past the 'poor me' syndrome.  
Yes it is lovely to feel safe with people doing the front line battle.  Its great to have hope that one day all will be equal in the world.  But, can we actually say that we were in this together?  Put simply, NO!   For whatever cause we are seeking won, we must also contribute! Whether it be ageism, racism, sexuality issues we must all contribute.  What would we do if suddenly these people who are fighting for our rights ceased, owing to battle fatigue.  It is well and good sitting comfortably in our gay bars etcetera chatting with our friends, saying another state or another country has signed for same sex marriages but, until every corner of the globe is on the same platform, nothing is safe.

Not for one minute, am I saying that we like my friend, shed our 'Birkenstocks' and start physically fighting the fight, but we all have a voice. We all have computers, we all have pens. We all have the power to vote or not vote for those who do not support equal rights.  We all have ingredients to offer to the mix.  Stirring the pot, adding ingredients of our own will make the mixture much healthier and to our liking.  Taking part in the cook up is much nicer for the tasting if we have add  our touches to the banquet of life.

In short, I am asking you to join these people in 'our' causes.  Don't sit back and wait for it to happen.  The proof is in the mixture of the pudding, and the taste can be a much sweeter victory if we are all united and work together no matter what our cause.

Firm Believer

Winc Spurt

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