Monday, 8 September 2014

A Natural Alternative #examinationbedsheets #surgicallinen

This week with a spring of excitement we venture along with Medical Search ( to promote what we here at WinC Wrap in Cotton believe in.  At WinC we believe in natural.  We believe that our products be friendly to the environment and we believe that our relationships are as natural as the sun rising in the morning.

If you are a believer in a disposable society then WinC Wrap in Cotton is not for you.  If you are a believer in a sustainable future then you have come to the right place.

At WinC we started our business in 2012 with our gift wrap range with our motto of   'The gift that keeps on giving'.  To this day we still believe that our wraps are the look of the future. Let's face it furoshiki has existed for centuries in Japan (Nara period). Yes, we have taken a modern twist to that age old wrapping method with great results, with the wrapping itself being part of the gift itself. Being true to the environment, and bringing many years of use and memories, rather than paper wrapping which ends only in waste tips and, as revenue for disposable producers.

At the end of 2012 we had a call from a surgeon who asked if we could make sheets for his surgery. His words were "I am sick and tired of paper sheets having to be peeled out of patient's cracks" . We assume he was talking surgery scars, he he. Since that time, we at WinC have been making fitted sheets for examination beds, modesty sheets and pillow cases to individually fit doctor's exam beds and beauty care beds in their corporate colours. No, our products are not cheap and nor is their quality.  These surgical sheets are made to order, hand made (not mass produced by sweat houses overseas) and a made to last. They are made of hospital quality fabric, and strong elastic, of which, none shrink, fade, or go out of shape.  They, like our other products, are made to keep on giving.  We individually tailor your linen and individually tailor a delivery that suits you no matter what part of the globe you are in.  

So, if you believe like WinC Wrap in Cotton, that you need a natural product that is tailored to your needs and, if you believe mass production leads to mass disappointment, then WinC Wrap in Cotton is the place to shop.  We have a page on this blog that features our linen and how a couple of our customers feel about our product. Have a read!

Contact us today and speak to a real person who can guarantee your linen will keep on giving years of productivity. 

Firm Believer

Winc Spurt

Examination Bed Sheets in Corporate Colours

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