Saturday, 9 August 2014

Weather Girl! #sunshine #happy #moods

I know that 'Cabin Fever' is a diagnosed condition and another name for the depression that settles after a long winter of cloudy skies, virtually no daylight and being cooped up in doors. But, is there such a condition for someone who lives in a city that has almost 360 days per year of sunshine. This situation suits me just fine as I am a sunshine girl.

I live in the tropics, in an area that is in a bit of a rain shadow. This can be a bit of a curse when we are looking for a bit of a top up for our water supply, but living in the dry tropics can be very liberating. You are virtually guaranteed picture perfect weather for months on end.  The winters are not too bad but I love the summer. It is hot and I love hot. I do not like dry western heat, I like moist tropical heat, the sweat running down your back type of heat! I love the ceiling fan whirring overhead, only having a bottom sheet on the bed and the washing drying in about 10 minutes. 'Oh, but you have to have air-conditioning', I hear you say. No we do not have air-conditioning because I cannot see the point of living in the tropics if you are simply going to live inside with all your windows and doors shut. I like my windows open and the fresh air coming in. I am a sticky beak and I like to know what is going on outside - the sound of the wind in the trees, the cockatoos squawking and in summer the deafening sound of the cicadas.

My mood is wired to the weather. I can handle rain if it is big fat rain that belts down in drenching volumes but, I really dislike cloudy weather where the skies are grey with heavy cloud that simply sits. I like rain that washes everything clean - the cloud lifts and the sky simply sparkles! The air is full of positive ions and all is good in the world. I dislike misty rain that comes with the wind and makes you cold. It makes me want to eat, it makes me bored  and it makes me feel anxious and sad. When it is dark early and cold to boot, I long for long summer days where it is 30C plus from 6am to 9pm and the days are long and sultry. I do not know if my dislike for cloudy skies comes from my childhood where the it drizzled for months on end with the cloud hugging the hilltops and the misty rain gusting in on a cool south easterly wind, but I know I need to live with sunshine.

Do not get me wrong, we do not actively lie in the sun here to get a tan because you can literally feel the sun burning you. You do not tan, you cook! The sun here has some grunt! But our lifestyle where you can really wear very little clothing all year round is idyllic. Yes, sometimes it is very difficult to get your clothes on after a shower because you are already sweating so much they simply stick to you! Your makeup runs off as fast as you put it on! But if your wear clothing that is suitable for the climate, forget the makeup, then you are just fine. Our minimum temperatures in summer rarely fall below 25C so there is no need to look for anything warm when you get out of bed. That is just how I like it. Easy! 

That is not to say that my love of hot is for everyone. Obviously, there are many who would hate the heat of the tropics, who rightfully love the weather in their particular part of the world. I just happen to love the weather in my part of the world. Ok, there are the cyclones that I am not too fond of but thankfully they do not visit too often. We take cyclones here very seriously and our houses are built to withstand winds of up to 250km/hr and we have emergency procedures in place. But, when they do come, one positive is that they are fantastic fly screen cleaners. When the wind dies down, and the rain abates, and the sun peeks out of the cloud, the fly screens are spotless!!

This is a weather girl who loves the smell of new rain on hot bitumen, loves the rebirth that rain brings after the last drop has fallen and the sun blazes down in its full glory. This is a weather girl that loves the sun in her face, and a breeze in her hair. So bring on summer with the heat, the sweat and the mozzies! That is when I am at my happiest! 

Happy Summer Days to You!

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