Saturday, 1 September 2012

Seasons of Change!

As the seasons change in the northern and southern hemisphere to spring or fall, we experience a great change in temperature.  We experience a change in colour in variations of warmth and shadow and a change in our attitudes as to how we handle the climate.

We too experience a change of lifestyle with the varying temperatures.  In life we have a climate change from time to time as well. Not so regularly and timed as the weather but we all experience a change.  A change in attitudes, a change in how we do things, a change as to how we cope with different situations like ageing, adding additions to our families and so forth.

But like the weather our change varies in colour and warmth like the seasons.  And like it or not we have to change to survive the rigours that life brings or change to accommodate our ever changing world with its environmental issues that in fact belong to each and everyone of us.

In a perfect world we would handle change, but as we are mere mortals our attitudes to change vary.  Some changes we grab with both hands and run the extra mile to keep the momentum, but other changes such as our attitudes to life and lifestyles, we slow down and become scared as to how we cope with the rhythm that has taken on a new beat. 

One thing that is certain in my mind is that we must never forget our instinct of love and respect others for the love that they hold dear.  None of us can afford to be judgemental of others and how they choose to conduct their lives.  Each of us are individuals whose hearts beat a different drum. 

However, I believe that if we accepted, tolerated and nurtured others love and approach to it, we indeed would belong to the most beautiful symphony there possibly could be. 

At WinC we want everyone to experience a spirit of loving, giving and paying forward with our products.  Re-experience the feeling of seeing a child open his/her first present.  Seeing someone dear to you shed a small tear as to your thoughtfulness, or experience the glow that you see on someone's face for a gift that was random and not planned. 

We at WinC wish you joy in your spring or fall. We want you to reach out and share your love with someone and in so doing, our world will become a whole lot better for it.  

 “In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.”
Albert Camus

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