Monday, 10 September 2012

A Love Story!

Today, I was going to write about The International year of the Forest in 2011 and what WinC Wrap in Cotton has in common with the goals and aspirations of the UNESCO inspired event.  But then I thought I would tell you of a love story that began when two children were born on the same day a year apart.  These children grew up together and knew from a very early age that their love was special. This is a love of a lifetime. This is a love that knows no boundaries. It is a love that has borne adversity, that has weathered the tyranny of distance, has shared the pain of loss, has endured through ill health.  But, it is a love that is so strong that not only has it survived, but grows stronger each and every day. This love is as inspirational as it is profound, not because of the fairytale stuff of "happy ever after", but because this couple is always there for each other through all times. And believe me - there have been some times.

Mind you, this does not mean that they do not have their moments but even in the most torrid times their love is undeniable! I have never known a couple that are so suited, that are so in love. Each is the perfect foil for the other.  This couple are the "Peas and Carrots", they are the "Bonnie and Clyde", they are the "black and white". They are witty, they are generous, they are kind, they are talented, they are strong. Nothing can stop this love which will withstand anything that anyone likes to throw at it. It will endure long after this couple have left this world for the next. It is a love that would leave most green with envy. Not because of their day to day life but, because of the empathy, the telepathy, the perception and the understanding that can only find its origins in a very deep rooted love that knows no limits.  Those that would seek to scorn such love can only do so through insecurity and jealousy.

These children of the world can teach each and every one of us the meaning of tolerance, the meaning of endurance, the meaning of true love.  I admire them enormously and love them, for everything about them. 

At WinC Wrap in Cotton we think of our customers as our family.  We want you all to know a love that knows no boundaries, that is the love of a lifetime.  We want a love for you all that can be paid forward, and in doing so, reap the benefit of a love that is generous and shared.

A part of you has grown in me. And so you
see, it's you and me together forever and
never apart, maybe in distance, but
never in heart....Brooke Zuroweste.

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