Sunday, 2 September 2012

Everything Old is New Again!

At WinC our philosophy is based on the 'pay it forward' philosophy and we believe that when you purchase one of our wraps and give with love, that gift will go on for generations giving memories of the original gift or creating some new pleasure by paying it forward.

In life I believe that philosophy is vital for us to keep love alive in our hearts and  our minds.  A small gesture can bring so much pleasure and warmth to someone.  A warmth that gives that person hope to reestablish their faith in their fellow man.  Or just a warmth to know that someone is there for them, and wants to share their joy, their sorrow or their  pain.  One can't realise how much a small 'hello' can give someone so much pleasure until you, yourself have experienced loneliness and lowliness.  A gesture that takes no time but has great rewards.  And most of us know the feeling of making someone smile with that one hello.

In a time where everything and everyone moves so fast, it is a lovely feeling to know that you have made someone feel special  or feel that you have cared for that split moment to open that door, to let them pass by as they are in more of a hurried state than you, to ask someone, how their day has been and listen, and to simply say thank you.  These small gestures may indeed be tiny but think for a moment, if everyone took that split moment to acknowledge others, our world would indeed be a better place.

That old feeling of love that has been hidden in our hearts can be renewed by small tokens of simple niceness that indeed take little to deliver but can make 'everything old new again'.

We at WinC believe that wrapping your gifts in our humble little wraps can bring that love out and keep that momentum going.  You give the gift to your loved one and instead of discarding the wrapping to the bin, they simply press and that wrapping adorns our tables as a place mat and so forth to keep that memory of giving,  alive longer mostly than the present inside itself. 

We encourage you to buy our wraps and our other products so they may bring joy and love for generations to come. 

                ''Love is above all else the gift of oneself"  - Jean Anouilh 1910-1987

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