Thursday, 6 September 2012


In 2012, how do we define relationships? They have certainly changed in the last little while with the advent of the internet.  How we interact with our fellow man, has not undergone such a change, since Alexander Graeme Bell invented the telephone. How addicted are we to instant information, to following the lives and antics of the rich and famous on Twitter, to feeling connected to them through our ability to comment on their thread. How addicted are we to sharing our own personal thoughts and feelings, along with the daily humdrum of our lives on Facebook.  How many of us simply cannot go to sleep before checking our Facebook page for one last time, reading the newsfeed and then ‘liking’ or commenting on our friends postings.  Social media is now embedded in our lives and can only evolve from here.
In a world that grows increasingly smaller as our daily lives are interconnected instantly with others across the planet, relationships have never been more global. Does this cyber connectedness interfere with our personal relationships?  Does it mean that we are losing our skills for communicating on a personal level?  Does it mean that we no longer have the intimacy of the human touch in our relationships?
At no time have we been so connected yet so removed from others in our relationships.  We can shop online, we can bank online, we can pay our bills online, we can access our books and music online, watch movies and TV online.  Our whole world is before us in the form of a monitor, tablet or phone.

As the internet is now irrevocably part of our lives, so it is with business. With our ability to link all aspects of our business together via the internet, visit WinC on Facebook and get all of your friends to like our Facebook page.  For the one that has the most friends ‘like’ our Facebook page we will give you a $50.00 voucher for our beautiful Christmas Wraps as the festive season is fast approaching. Also why stop at our Facebook page, join our family on our website and then your ordering is fast and convenient.

As convenient and connected the world of the internet is nothing can replace the feeling of belonging that comes from being truly connected in a relationship where love and trust are a given. Show that love, to those you love, by giving them a gift wrapped in cotton – the gift that pays forward your 

The quality of your life is the quality of your relationships.
Anthony Robbins

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