Sunday, 19 August 2012

When is Enough, Enough?

In a world of extremes, I wonder when we as a nation, as a community, and as an individual decide enough is enough?  We all come into this world with nothing and we leave the same way.  What happens in between makes a huge difference to society, to communities and to the individual.  We all have a responsibility to be the best citizens that we can possibly be.  This is at all levels of our life. We must be good citizens for the good of our country.  This means we look after our environment, ensuring that our country is in the best possible physical shape that it can possibly be. We must be good corporate citizens being financially responsible for ourselves, thus limiting our reliance on governments and others for financial support.  We must also be good community citizens looking out for members of our neighbourhoods. We must also be good personal citizens looking out for individuals - not only those who are dear to us but the vulnerable! Unfortunately, in a world of ego and greed there are many who on the surface appear to be good citizens but fail the test miserably.  So they must ask themselves when enough is enough.

Everything on this earth deserves to be treated with respect. We should treat our surroundings with respect, preserving our natural environment and our resources, making the very best use that we can of them to ensure that they are preserved for future generations.  It simply is not good enough to lay to waste such precious commodities. Enough is enough and every single person can make a difference by wrapping in cotton.  This will save tons of wood pulp being turned into paper which lots of the time ends up in land fill.

Everyone on this earth deserves to be treated equally and with dignity.  None of us is any better than anyone else and we should celebrate difference instead of trying to make everyone the same as ourselves.  What a boring world it would be if we were all the same. Enough is enough, and instead of treading the path to the destruction of your relationship or the person themselves, try giving someone in your family a hug and perhaps a gift wrapped in cotton. It will certainly help your fractured relationship. Perhaps the strength of the cotton wrap could be symbolic of the new relationship, as it is not nearly as fragile as a paper gift wrap.

At WinC we want everyone to look inside and ask 'When is it enough?'  I believe that the world would be a much better place if the three simple words - Enough is enough' became the catch phrase for everyone in every country.  Then we would be on our way to truly sustainable relationships, and a sustainable future for the natural environment.

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