Wednesday, 15 August 2012

How Worthy Are we?

What is it that makes one worthy?  Why is it that some feel their worth (rightly or wrongly) and others feel that they are never worthy?  I cannot answer either question but as a small child I used to watch my mother who was a very kind and generous person and intuitively know that she never felt worthy.  I vowed with the brashness of the young that I would never be like my mother - but here I am. I do not know when the change occurred, but it was not a sudden thing, there was no iconic event but just a slow realization that I had become my mother.  Now this is not a bad thing by any stretch as my Mum was an intelligent, hardworking, forward thinking, generous woman but she always put herself last.  Did she fee she was worthy - definitely not! Was she? Absolutely!  I tell myself this every day but really it does not make any difference as I simply feel the way I feel..

This is not necessarily a bad thing, as most people do not know and the others do not realize.  If they do they do not discuss it as it makes people really uncomfortable and so it is something that is very private.  To live for the moment, not to anticipate, not to look to the future makes it easier to get by. You have no expectation which can be taken from you to give that damn unworthiness something to feed on. Not to feel worthy makes you vulnerable. You are easily hurt and so live your life wrapped in a protective cocoon. Some become recluse, others the comedian, others find comfort in a bottle!  No matter how people deal with such feelings is an individual thing but others can make a difference.

In a world where the focus is increasingly on 'moi' take time to take notice of those around you. Be kind to them no matter their difference.  If you can make just one person feel that they do matter, that they are worthy, then you have made a difference.

At WinC Wrap in Cotton we want to make a difference. We want to prove that the world is not just about 'moi'.  We want to show that people do have a moral compass and want to do the right thing by preserving our resources and our environment. We want you to show those around you that you do care about them, that they do matter.  We want you to give a gift wrapped in cotton - the gift that keeps on giving.

Cherokee Blessing

Oh Great Spirit grant that I may never find fault
with my neighbour until I have walked
the trail of life in his moccasins.

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