Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Black Friday in the City of Love

As we in Australia open our televisions, our computers, our radios in the early hours of our Saturday, we view the atrocities that are happening to our fellow man in this City of Love. 

We watch with disbelief that any human being could unleash their evil on innocent victims.  Let's not say these atrocities are done by true Muslims but are done by  radicals who have disobeyed their God, their Allah. The true Muslim God is forgiving, a merciful and loving God.  These radicals take the world in their hands and do not listen to their God but are brainwashed by evil men who are not Angels sent by Allah but men working hand in hand with the Devil. 

As we sit and watch the reports of this night your mind wanders as to how beautiful this city is, or was. Your mind wanders those streets that you have wandered many times before (we were walking these streets at the same time last year) and never once do you believe that this could happen to you. Yes, we were there when the Charlie Hebdo atrocity  was launched. In spite of the incessant Dee Dah of the police cars, the increased presence of armed soldiers on the streets, you think this terrorism attack will not affect normal travellers and citizens. Yes, it was a disgusting, cowardly act but it appears it was not directed at the ‘everyday man’ and we did not have this sense of fear, as now. 


Now we know that no single person is safe from these lunatics. They relish a world in fear.  Security is increased, and no person is free to live life  without surveillance  cameras, X-rays, scanning and the like.  We are no longer free citizens of the world but, lab rats with people following our every move to keep us safe from these random attacks.

To the victims of these killings our  hearts, our tears our emotions and love go out to you and your families. To the survivors our blessings and love also.

To the heroes, the rescuers, the police, the military, the hospitals we thank, and bless you, too.  These attacks have brought so many that we must thank to the fore. Not only those that we see on our screens but, many service providers that we often do not think of.  Having said that I will list a few that I can think of:  the cleaners in the hospitals, the ambulance drivers, the street cleaners, the metro staff, the taxi drivers, the air traffic controllers, border security, eurostar, the telephonists, the embassies, the counsellors, traffic controllers, airport staff, politicians, builders who repair the damage, the shop keepers, news broadcasters and journalists, to name a few.  Our thanks goes out to you for helping life go on with as little disruption as possible. Without you, the love would no longer be in Paris. 

As a city grieves let us move forward believe in humanity and love, report anything untoward and care for our fellowman as if there is no tomorrow. Show no fear, even though your heart may be quaking! Remain defiant and vigilant and do not succumb to the fear these scum wish to inflict.

We are in this together. We pray that these radicals may be stamped out and that we all believe, that no matter which God we follow, each God has the same edict and that is love.

God bless Paris, God bless France and God bless a united world with peace.

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