Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tinsel Up and Ring Those Bells

Are you one of people who say that no one will take away our festive season and that we have the right to celebrate Christmas as we have in the past. Do you say, 'These people came to our country and accepted our terms and conditions so suck it up! We will continue to say Merry Christmas and if they don’t like it they can go home!' If you are, you are not alone. Australia is a very tolerant, easy going Nation, but to most Christmas is sacred, a tradition that is bound into the very fibre of the Australian psyche. 

I believe that Christmas is a wonderful time and that we should embrace it, celebrate it, and keep our wonderful tradition. We fly around the world at this time of year and we embrace the traditions that have been put into play in other countries owing to their customs and beliefs. 
However, as said previously, I do get tired of the whinging from a small minority that have entered our shores, that Christmas and the birth of Christ somehow offends them.  I get tired and disappointed that a lot of people say, 'I couldn't be bothered this year, its too much effort.I get tired of the oldies who say, 'Leave it to the kids this year.I get tired of the people who say, 'Can't decorate until after the 1st December!' 
Why is it that these people who hang strongly to tradition who make these excuses.  For the old, what problem is it to bring your family in to dress, and undress, your home to show and celebrate your beliefs.  God knows, your kids may grab the spirit and elevate it to a level that you may not have even contemplated.  To those who say they couldn’t be bothered with opening boxes and stringing a few baubles around because your too busy, I ask you, 'Are you the ones who want  Christmas to be celebrated in the way tradition has always been?'  To those who say, 'Not until after December 1', where did this tradition start?  Or in fact, have you already bowed to another countries calendar and beliefs by waiting for ‘Thanksgiving’ to pass.  Hello!!! We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving in this country. 
There is no hard and fast rule in our country.  We celebrate Christmas full stop.  Whether we start on the 1st of November or the 24th of December, just do it.  Be unified in the way that we celebrate the very essence that our country has been built on.  Just enjoy, display, and stand proud that we can do it.  Don’t succumb to peer pressure and say, 'Hum bug, we didn't need it anyway!' and then in years to come say, 'Give me the good old days.
Yes, I am weird, granted, but I start my decorations whenever I start to feel a foreboding presence of good will to man and see every star twinkle as if Jesus may be born tomorrow. Yes I do believe, but I believe above all whether you believe in Christ’s story or not, this is the season of love and harmony.  This is the season to give.  This is the season to shine our light of our beliefs and traditions.  I dress my house to the best of my ability with a limited budget.  Each year I add to my collection.  Each year I add to the memories of old, remembering those that have been here and now gone that I want to celebrate with. That is indeed what God is all about, love, friendship and caring for each other. 
Don’t be complacent with what is happening.  It was not that long ago that these holidays were that, holidays.  Holidays in which the world stopped, while we enjoyed family and friends.  Sneakily however, those holidays have disappeared and we have Christmas Day. Then back to it on Boxing Day.  Family can’t just pop in when the expectation is for them to be there for work on the Boxing Day sales. Or, that people are so disorganised that they could not stock an extra bottle of milk allowing Coles and Woolies to seize the opportunity to open to cut your holiday short even further.  Not so far back, Easter ‘the Holiest of Holy’ was a 4 day break to celebrate the resurrection of our Lord.  Now, we tend to have a day on the Friday to think about his death, by Saturday we are busy kicking sand in his grave as we are racing to get to the shopping mall. 
I ask you, when are we going to rise and be counted for our beliefs.  When are we going to shine, and show the world, that we too have tradition and we are not afraid to show it.  (To hell with what others think)  When are we going to lobby our politicians and express that we want Christmas Carols in schools, and that we need to say Merry Christmas to whoever we please. 
To those who make the excuses for not standing to be counted in our celebration, I ask you, will you not be the first to say, ‘What happened?’ when it is all gone. 
We at Winc have prided ourselves on the Christmas spirit.  We have been and still are proud to bring love and happiness to our world through our wraps.  These wraps are not just pieces of fabric to be discarded after one use but fabrics of our being which when carefully handled, will herald another Christmas, New Year, birthday, wedding and other celebrations that will build traditions that over the years. Celebrations that will build a country of love peace and harmony for our future.
So join with me and shine your Christmas light and let the detractors, the procrastinators wonder how Christmas is still here when they have not lifted a finger to secure it in our calendars.  Remember is easy to whine about something but a lot harder to stand for the cause. 
So come on, string up some tinsel, put a bit of glitter in everyone's life, and come on, ring those bells!!!

Seasons Greetings.


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