Friday, 25 July 2014

I'm Always Chasing Rainbows #hope #newbeginnings

From time to time there in the sky before us, is the wonder of nature, that is the rainbow! Then our mind turns to things material and we dream of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and we share these dreams with those around us. Whoever it is we are with at the time - mother, father, child, lover, or friend. When alone, we simply dream on!!

Rainbows are seen as a new beginning, a celebration of the skies after the rain. They are a sign of hope. A sign of how wonderful our world really is.  Rainbows are indeed glorious.  But let's stop and think about it for a minute, unless we are kinder to our environment there will be no rainbows, there will be nothing to dream for. There will be no one with which to share our dreams, our hopes, and our pot of gold.

Yes, there are pots of gold to be made out there, but at whose expense?  Everyday we see another plastic gadget come on the market to make our lives more simple. We rush to the stores to buy, then they wrap it in the very trees that give us the oxygen to breath.  Meanwhile, the factories that are making these gadgets, and their pot of gold, are pumping needless toxins into the air. We then rush home to our air purifiers, our air conditioners, our Ventolin puffers, not noticing that the trees that give us our breath are disappearing as fast as that new gadget's life span. And, believe me they don't last long, not as long as the toxins last in our air.

I am not being an advocate smokers here but, we have banned them from public places. We are confining their polluting ways to areas that cause less discomfort to others. We have made them carry packets that show graphic illustrations for the damage that they are doing to their own bodies and the bodies of those affected by their second hand smoke.  I can understand the reasoning behind this onslaught against smokers, but do we see graphic pictures of damage on most of the products we get in the shops? The pollution caused by these manufacturing processes is just as damaging as second hand smoke! Do we see pictures of cities being destroyed by the pall of  factory smoke that hangs over them forcing the residents to wear surgical masks? Do we see pictures of buildings and crops destroyed by acid rain which is simply this factory pollution washing back to Earth in the form of sulphuric acid?? Do we see pictures of the forests destroyed in the making of the paper packaging products? Not only are these trees unable to produce lifesaving oxygen but, the carbon that is locked up in the tree as cellulose is now unleashed on the world as carbon dioxide. I here you say, 'We only use recycled wrapping paper.' But is it necessary to even use wrapping paper in the first place?

There are farmers struggling for a living, when they could be growing natural products to wrap our products.  There is bamboo, pineapple leaves, cotton, and lilies to name a few that can be grown to make products to wrap our treasures in.  But it is trees, the very things that are our carbon sinks, that give us the oxygen we breathe, that provide food and shelter for countless creatures, that we destroy to provide us with packaging and, the manufacturers with their pots of gold. We have a choice to say 'no' to the wrapping. We have a choice to say 'no' to another plastic gadget.

There is no choice but to tell our children our friends and loved ones to stop this raping and pillaging of our environment.  We have no choice but to tell our governments to battle the war on wastage. Our landfill sites are at tipping point with disposable rubbish. When we go to the doctor and we see those disposable sheets covering their surgical beds, we must say no, we want a natural product not something that adds to the pollution of the planet on every level.                                                 

Yes! we want to see the rainbows. We want our children to benefit from a healthy environment. We need to think before we make easy choices.  All of us need to act in a way that benefits Planet Earth, not just ourselves.

Lets not be just chasing rainbows and looking for the little blue bird. in vain. Look and see the sunshine, see the glorious planet we have inherited and leave the legacy of a rejuvenating and sustainable future.

Firm Believer,

Winc Spurt.


I'm Always Chasing Rainbows - Judy Garland                                    

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