Friday, 27 June 2014

Wrap your Load! #safesex #plainpackaging #giftwrap
For quite a few decades now the spread of HIV-1, more commonly known as AIDS,  has been progressing around the globe.  This spread knows no barriers, it is not discriminatory and the potential for it to be catastrophic has already been realized. The medical profession and scientists have halted the progression in the spread of this disease by advocating the use of condoms or safe sex. This is commonly called in the gay community - covering your load.

Whilst many identify this disease with the gay community, this is a disease that takes the lives of men, women and children, especially in Third World Countries. In the 1980's we saw the television commercials of the Grim Reaper and the consequences of engaging in unsafe sex. We watched in horror as the bowling ball wreaked havoc and destruction on the pins which signified the loss of life. Then came the anti-smoking commercials that governments  and its medical advisers deemed were necessary to make us realize the damage to our lives that smoking causes. I am not denying that the effect of these commercials was of benefit to all. Yes, most people engage in the suggestion of, or try to have, safe sex.  And yes, the numbers of smokers has dropped and the support for people giving up the smokes has increased dramatically. 
But, do we stop and consider that our planet also has a disease that is growing at a rate, far more problematic than the avoidable, yet devastating, disease of HIV?  This disease has the potential to affect men, women  and children. It will not be and is not discerning of any!  Unless we take heed of the scientists, activists and the like, this disease has the potential to destroy life on Earth as we know it. This is the disease of environmental vandalism, the destruction of our forests, the use of our fossil fuels to fill the need of our consumer hungry world.

So, where on our screens do we see explicit, Government enforced, advertising to stop this disease of environmental vandalism?  Where on our screens, billboards, and all forms of media, do we see the Grim Reaper hovering over our Christmas trees that are laden with gifts wrapped in one of very things that has the potential to destroy life as we know it? Yes, you got it 'PAPER'. I hear you say but paper is biodegradable, it comes from sustainable forests, and it is recycled extensively! However, the destruction of every tree to make paper pulp, means one less that contributes to the carbon sink effect of the world's forests.  So, where is the ban on those under 18 being allowed to purchase products that contribute to such a potentially life altering disease. What about all the plastic products derived from our fossil fuels that make their way to the gift wrap aisles? God knows, when we walk just about any street in the world, we can see the results of this environmental disease as we step over the litter that lines the gutters.

Like smokers and sexually active people, each consumer and government has the ability to stop this disease. We all have choice. We can say no to unsafe practices!  Therefore, before you wrap that beautiful gift at christmas, wedding or birthday, stop and think how is your load wrapped?  Is your load wrapped in a way to prevent the spread of this disease?  To change the way you wrap your gifts does not mean that you have to adopt the ugliness of plain packaging of cigarettes. Your gifts can still look as elegant, as bright and funky, as feminine and frilly, as macho as the Winfield man!

Stop and think before you engage in unsafe practices as there is a cure for this disease, and it is called choice.

Firm Believer!

Winc Spurt

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