Tuesday, 24 June 2014

There is no 'I' in Team #environment #bettergood #sustainable

Getting the world in better shape is not just for a few!  We all co-exist here and to make it better we need to move fast.

This is not for the few that rally for Earth's cause. This is for everyone to take ownership, to stand together.  The voices we hear daily are simply a minority when you consider the vastness of our planet. They are merely the 'I's of the world! This needs to be a team effort and, we must all rally, do our bit to save this planet for the generations to come.
Lachine Canal, Canada - Wikipedia

Therefore, there is no 'I' in team.  This is a job for more than just Superman. It is a job for each, and everyone, of us.  We must take ownership and the responsibility that we, as citizens of this great planet, undertake to rejuvenate, to repair, and to plan, for a better future for our children. This is a lesson that we need to teach our children. They need to follow our lead in preservation of our natural resources. Teach them other methods to do things, and other ways to live, instead of constantly destroying the little we have left.

We have choices, so we must make the right choice to build a better and more sustainable future. Before we just say yes to the shopping bags, we must inquire as to whether they are recycled.  Before the shopkeeper asks would you like that gift wrapped, we must ask if the wrapping is sustainably sensible.  In fact is this wrapping able to be used over and over again.  When we buy those organic veggies in the supermarket, do we simply place them in another plastic bag?  Or, do we not think that this too is mockery? Do we question the very fact that we want healthy foods, yet we continue to carry them in the chemically based plastics that we are avoiding.  

We have a choice to  look around us.  There are many alternatives to creating a safer, cleaner environment for our children of the future.  Yes these choices may cost a little more than the average pretty and convenient hunk of tree that we are giving to our loved ones.

Would you rather give something that does not affect our future.  Something that is a lasting memory and reminder that there are choices.  These choices can take a gift from ordinary, to extreme mind blowing proportions.  These gifts can be useful, but is the wrap, in which the gift of love is wrapped, a friendly choice.  Does that wrap keep on giving pleasure for many years to come.

At wincwrapincotton.com we believe in our products and so too do the many that use them.  Our decision to distribute these humble wraps is a part of our team spirit.  It is also a decision that our many customers believe and follow as well.  We are helping to build a future.  We, the team at WinC Wrap in Ccotton and our valued customers are part of that team of merry workers that strive for a better future for the many generations to come.  

So therefore, with everyone's support there will be no 'I' in team.  

Firm believer,

WinC Spurt!

Daintree Rainforest - Wikipedia

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