Thursday, 6 June 2013

Who wears the Pants in your House?

Who does wear the pants in your house? If you asked any one of us - we would all like to thing that we do! But, the truth is, usually in any house there is one that wears the pants when it comes to meaning who is the boss! I know in my house my husband often says that when we got married we made a pact. He would make all the important decisions, while I would make all the not so important decisions!!!!!  So far, there hasn't been any important decisions.

This blog is actually about everyone wearing pants. There was a time when women were considered of loose morals if they wore pants or slacks. World War 2 changed all that when women were seconded into men's roles when the men of the country went off to war. While there were shorts and pedal pushers for women in the Fifties, pants for women were still not really popular as everyday attire until the 1970's. Oh the outcry when they made women's pants with a fly in them!!! I can still remember my first pair of jeans (Men's, as there was no such thing as women's jeans) that I bought in 1972. They were totally the wrong shape, gaping at the back, but, I thought I was the coolest thing around. I wore those jeans till they were threadbare. They actually began making women's jeans not long after. Since then the style of women's pants has been as varied as your imagination will allow, from as short, to as wide, to as flared, to as tight, to as floral! The waist band has sat at every point from just under your boobs to just above your pubes. There have been studs, pleats, stretch fabric, toweling (Eeeeeuw), stone wash, and rips and holes.

Now just about every woman wears pants. I did not even own a dress for many years. I love the freedom that comes with wearing pants and cannot imagine having to worry about all the hassles that come from wearing a skirt or a dress.

Men's pants have also come a long way from the drill work pants or good trousers worn in bygone times. Men have almost as much choice in pants these days as women. Their jeans come in every colour or the rainbow and the variety of chinos, dress trousers, and shorts is a far cry from the short stubbies and blue demin jeans of the past. The evolution of men's pants has followed the path trodden by women's. They have been high waisted, low waisted, wide in the legs, stovepipes, flares, cuffs, pleats. You name it they have had it! I think that everything that goes around comes around and the fashion gurus are simply waiting for the next generation to come along before recycling the old fashion as new again. Mind you the new fabrics make wearing tight jeans a lot easier as they were simply cruel without the stretch!!!

Underwear is no different in its evolution. One of the biggest changes to undies came with the manufacture of elastic. Your drawers, as they were called,no longer had to be held up with a drawer string! The revolution for women was then Cottontails for women and Y-fronts for men. The bikini pants came out when I hit my teens and I couldn't wait to get rid of those huge knickers that we had to wear. Now knickers for men and women come in every shape and size - from the tiniest G-sting that would serve honorably as dental floss to shape underwear that pulls and tucks in the most persistent muffin top. Once again it is the changes in fabrics that has seen this transformation. The finest laces, silks, and cottons all conform to the body, through the use of elastane, resulting in the perfect line.

At WinC we have included both Men's and Women's lingerie in our lines. After all why shouldn't men feel sexy in the undies as well. When we said we would wrap the world in cotton, we worked out we can wrap everything from our butt to our bed in cotton. While not all our undies are cotton, they sure as hell are cute and sexy. They will make you fell good from the bottom up - literally!!

                        “Always wear pretty underwear, on account of you just never know.”
                          ― Jill Conner Browne

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