Monday, 20 May 2013

Why Choose Organic?

In a world where man-made chemicals are an ever increasing part of our lives, every avenue that we can pursue to decrease our exposure, no matter how small, is an important way forward to a healthier future and a more sustainable environment. This is especially true for our babies, whose immune systems are in their formative states, in the first few years of their lives.  Chemicals play an important role in how the immune system develops or falters in both children and adults, hence, underpinning the importance of minimizing our exposure.

One way we can do this is looking at the food we eat and the shift to organically grown produce is well documented with large supermarkets now having a major shift in the products they stock to cater for the ever increasing demand in food free from pesticides and chemicals. The momentum is gathering for free range chickens, and it will not be long where the genetically modified chicken becomes a thing of the past when people realize these poor birds cannot walk at all whether they are free range or battery raised as the growth rate and breast size simply means it is impossible for these birds to stand. I hear you say that this genetic modification was based on simply growing sufficient food to feed an exponentially growing population! That may be true, but it does not take into account the basic humanity of mankind where such suffering is not acceptable.  Also, if a chicken can grow from a hatchling, to a monster bird in six weeks, what are we eating that passes down the food chain? It is food for thought!!!

The largest organ of the body is your skin.  It also makes sense that the chemicals you rub into your skin or the makeup you apply can affect your well being. This applies to the clothes you wear as well, as they lie next to your skin day in, day out. Never before in the history of man have allergies posed such a risk to man. Epipens, required to save lives in case of anaphilaxis, are reaching epidemic proportions. Why is this happening?? We do not profess to know the answers but exposure to chemicals plays a role. The chemical exposure of the veterans of the Gulf War is well known and their slide into all types of auto-immune problems is well documented. 

Aldicarb, parathion, and methamidopho, three of the most acutely hazardous insecticides to human health as determined by the World Health Organization, rank in the top ten most commonly used pesticides in cotton production. All but one of the remaining seven most commonly used pesticides used sre classified as moderately to highly hazardous (1) If these are the chemical residues, along with the preservatives used at point of manufacture, that we are placing next to our babies skin it is little wonder that our children are developing auto-immune problems in the form of allergies.

You can make a difference with this aspect of your childs life simply by choosing certified organic cotton or bamboo products for your child. This is  a simple measure that you can undertake to limit their exposure to harmful chemicals. I hear you say that with all the other chemicals that they are exposed to in life that this will make very little difference!!!! As a former laboratory technician I can assure you that the effect of chemicals is accumulative and every measure to reduce exposure is worth it.

So if you want to give your children the best start in life, give them a 'man-made chemical' free life. Reduce their chance of eczema, and other auto-immune conditions by wrapping your baby in chemical free clothes and swaddling wraps. Use bamboo linen for their bedding. Choose your mattress wisely! 

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(1) EJF. (2007). The deadly chemicals in cotton, Environmental Justice Foundation in collaboration with Pesticide Action Network UK: London, UK. IBSN No 1-904523-10-2

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